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The Ridgway Center believes that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. From this starting point, the Center investigates and analyzes past and emerging security problems. It seeks to generate original research and intellectual capital to address the vast array of problems that the US and the international community face.


The Ridgway Center at the University of Pittsburgh

The Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies at the University of Pittsburgh is dedicated to generating scholarship that educates the next generation of security analysts. Its purpose is to produce original and impartial analysis that informs policymakers who must confront diverse challenges to state and human security.  

Matthew B. Ridgway

Matthew B. Ridgway, whose name the center bears, is best remembered for salvaging the United Nation's effort during the Korean War. His military career began in 1917, when the Army commissioned him as a Second Lieutenant immediately after he graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. By 1930, Ridgway had become an advisor to the Governor General of the Philippines, and within a few years, he rose to the rank of Assistant Chief of Staff of the 4th Army. Read more.



As the United States and its NATO allies move toward a draw down of forces in Afghanistan in 2014, many questions remain about the role the global community-and the nation's neighbors-will play in the country in the years to come. In a recent policy workshop, U.S. scholars and policy makers discussed how Afghanistan and other regional actors might contribute to building peace and stability in the country. 


GSPIA Alumnus Shahzeb Shaikaha, MPIA '12, highlights the impact of drone strikes in Pakistan in today's Express Tribune article Drone 'em all. Shaikaha is a writer for the Express Tribune, Pakistan's first internationally affiliated newspaper, produced in partnership with The New York Times.


 By Alex Jendrek

On November 8th, the Ridgway Center hosted a conference examining the prominent security issues confronting Central American states. The speakers discussed a variety of topics including the pervasive and lucrative drug trade, the influence of transnational organized crime, and the activities, evolution and organization of gangs.


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